Monday, November 8, 2010

Children Day Celebration

Another family was 1st Oct. 2010 - Children Day. We took company leave and brought our children to Sentosa - to visit Underwater world via cable car. This was our plan to celebrate Children day with our kids but I guess there are too young to understand the real meaning of 1st Oct. To them, it was just another usual outing that we would bring them for fun.
We bought a package tour at the Cable Car ticket booth which cost $69.50 for per adult and free for children below 3. The package include return ticket for cable car ride, entry to Underwater world and Sentosa Cineblast (a 4-D motion simulated ride). Transport to these places was included in the package. My son enjoyed the touch pool at the entrance of Underwater watching those sea creatures swimming in the pool and at times, get a chance to touch and feel them. He wasn't really excited at travelling along the 83m long tunnel walk watching those amazing sea creatures swimming around us. However, he was looking forward for the 4-D ride before it started and he thought it would be fun for him. Unfortunately, he was freaked out half way through and cried out loud when it almost come to end. My younger one fell alseep before the ride starts and was waken by his brother's loud crying noise. Both brothers ended up crying together till the ride ends. As for us, we pretty much enjoyed the air-conditioning inside the cinema rather than the ride as we were damn tire and sweaty.
After completing our tour, we took the free shuttle bus service from Imbiah station to Resort World Sentosa for our dinner at Baits (Ding Tai Feng). Prior entering the restaurant, my boy was overjoyed by those "walking candies" and be so happy taking pictures with them. Then we headed to Baits restaurant where my son love eating 'La Mian' (he would call it "Piak Piak Mee Mee" as he used to watch the chef making the 'La Mian' in such a manner that while stretching and pulling the noodle, they will bring the noodle together and smack it on the table - then this will produce a loud "piak piak" sound). He just love watching them making the noodle. Anyway, the food at Baits was nice and the staffs was friendly too. Worth trying!

Our final destination was to bring the kids for free monorail ride (within the island) from Waterfront Station at Resort World Sentosa or also know as "Sentosa Express" (You have to pay $3 when you board the ride from Sentosa Station at 3rd level of Vivo City). The journey was short as it only contains four stations - Starting from Sentosa Station, Waterfront Station, Imbiah Station and lastly, Beach Station. We alight at Beach Station and wanted to spend sometimes at the beach upon my boy's request. He was delighted in the first place but changed his mind completely when we arrived at the beach and commented: "Mummy...eeeee.... the beach was so dirty". Then, we headed back to Imbiah lookout via bus service and to complete our cable car rides and return to Singapore Island - our home.

It was a "Transportation Day" for us as we took different transports travelling from our home to Sentosa and within the island, i.e. MRT, Coach, Bus, Carble Car and Monorail. It was indeed tiring but perhaps fun for my children as my elder boy loves travelling with different types of transport.