Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthday Cakes

When celebrating for your children Birthday Party, birthday cake is an essential item that you would never want to miss. Most children enjoyed this moment where they are make the centre attraction, sitting in the place of honor, have their beautiful birthday cake lighted up with candles, and many guests gathered around, singing the "Happy Birthday" song.
As you know, there are plenty of bakery shops available in Singapore. Its really depend on individual's preference. Planning for your child birthday cakes requires to take into theses consideration ie. look, taste, theme, cartoon characters, size, shape and color. Here are the cakes that we have decided to use for our kids birthday:

My BB1 - 1st Birthday Cake from Eatzi Gourmet - (http://www.eatzi.com.sg/)
The pricing is reasonable and have free delivery if you exceed certain amount. The presentation of the cake is nice but taste is too sweet. 

My BB1 - 2nd Birthday Cake also from Eatzi Gourmet - (http://www.eatzi.com.sg/)
We wanted to get a 3-D birthday train cake for him (he likes train very much) and we browsed from eatzi web site showing a nice 3-D train cake. But the actual presentation was quite disappointing as it looks more like a ship than a train and the taste of the cake are indeed very sweet. Then we have a bad encounter. We were trying to contact the company to inform them of a change of our venue just a few days before the actual delivery. We been calling the company for days, leave our contact in voice mail. But no one responded our call. Indeed disappointed!
My BB1 - 3rd Birthday Cake from Polar Puffs & Cakes - http://www.polarpuffs-cakes.com/
Since he likes "Thomas Train" so much, we decided to order his "Thomas Train Cake" from Polar Puffs & Cakes. One for his celebration in his child care and the other one at home. The price of the cakes was considerably reasonable and the cake taste good too. Polars Puffs & Cakes also provides others cartoon character cakes such as Bod The Builders, Cinnamoroll, Hello Kitty, Doraemoe, Looney Toons, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Power Rangers, Sesame Street, Stitch and Tom & Jerry etc. 
My BB2 - 1st Birthday Cake Ecreativehttp://www.ecreative.com.sg/ 
Then, my BB2 1st birthday, we decided to try Ecreative cake. We also received feedback from friends that their cakes taste good and not so pricy. We are indeed pleased with the product!

Of course, there are still many others bakeries to choose from. Like Four Leaves - http://www.fourleaves.com.sg/ . They also provided kids Birthday cakes. We purchased a standard cake on my Dad's Birthday celebration.

Then, there is this Rive gauche - www.pokkafood.com.sg/gauche . The cake is indeed delicious but is rather pricy.  The standard mango cake was purchased for my Mother-In-Law's Birthday and the standard chocolate cakes was a gift from my hubby when I am doing my confinement after giving birth to my BB1.  
Well, if you are looking at other cartoon characters cake, you can also try the following:
  • Bengawan Solo provides Disney cartoon, Baby Looney Toon, Superman, Batman characters cakes for kids - http://www.bengawansolo.com.sg/ . I tried their cakes before. Price is at reasonable range and taste nice too. 
  • Prima Deli provides Barney cartoon character cakes - http://www.primadeli.com/ . Price is also  reasonable and taste nice too.



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