Monday, January 5, 2009

Lupus In Silence

I have lupus (SLE) when I'm 32 years old in May 2006. I'm happy that my lupus has been quiet now. And feel grateful and contented for having a lovely husband and my precious 1 year old baby boy.
I am currently on medication and continues my routine check up at SGH (S'pore General Hospital) occasionally. I started with 20mg prednisolone and 200mg Hdroxychloroquine and had now been tapped to only 200mg Hdroxychloroquine daily. Of course, during this past 2+ years, there will be some up and down of my blood test result and doctor will increase my prednisolone when necessary. Thank Buddha! That now I can completely eliminate the intake of prednisolone which I feel can be harmful to our body if taken over a prolong period of time.
I felt so lost and worry when I was first diagnosed with Lupus. At one stage, I was in depression, frustation and pain and thus, indirectly would throw my frustration at my hubby. I encountered symptoms like high fever, swollen/achy joints and fingers, skin rashes, fatigue, hair loss and fingers turning white/blue when in cold, frequent flu and sinus. Needless to say, some side effects like putting on weight, "moon face" and pimples all over my body occurred when taken 20mg of prednisolone. Also, it can be so frastrating when you can't even move your body as it was aching and in pain everywhere. I feel so handicapped and hated myself so much.
I was once never believe in TCM (Traditonal Chinese Medicine) as I feel the recovery process is too slow and is too expensive to invest in it. However, my sister recommended me to try consulting a "sinsen" (chinese physican) because this sinsen had experience in treating a lupus patient. I decided to give it a try to act as a supplement to boost my body/immune system. I started to consult her in July 2006 (which was two months later when I was first diagnosed with lupus). I consulted her every week for the past two years even during my pregnancy in march 2007. Concurrently, I still continue my prescript medication from my Rheumatologist and frequent visits to my Rheumatologist and obstetricians. And thanks Buddha again! I successfully delivered a healthy baby boy without any complication and luckily my lupus did not flare at that point of time. I am grateful to all the doctors and medical staff that they had well taken care of me.
Right now, whenever I encountered some minors flus or sinus problem, I would prefer to take TCM than western medication. I personally feel that TCM is a type of natural herbs and will has less impact cause to our body. Though the process can be long, it does help to improve and nourish our body system and blood.
My life has changed and I have learned to control my temper and be less worrisome and will try to take things easy as I know "stress, frustrations, depression and unhappiness" somehow would be our enemy to cause lupus to flare.
I started to learn to be healthy by cutting down alchol, watch out my diet and do remember to take your medicine promptly.
I wonder has anyone with lupus do the same like me - "Western medication + Chinese Traditional Medicine"???
I love this quote:
"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly."

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Run Out Of Gas

It was my Dear's birthday on 1st of Jan 2009. We went to a Italian restaurant at Dubai Festival Centre to celebrate his birthday. When we arrived, we waited for someone to serve us at the restaurant's entrance. We were "puzzled" as it was a New Year Day..."how come the restaurant looked empty and only two tables were being occupied." Usually the restaurant would be packed with people during the season holiday. Finally the waitress approached us and told us they were unable to serve cooked food tonight as their restaurant had run out of gas! They could only serve salad and drinks. Oh gosh...what a joke! It was a holiday season...and the restaurant has run out of will never happen in my hometown-Singapore! Well, we ended up eating Yo Sushi!

Ps: the above pictures were taken on my birthday at the Italian restaurant. They really serve "beri nice" food!