Thursday, July 14, 2011


My 19 months boy always gets traumatized by the thunder noise produced by fighter jet whenever its fly across our house. He would cry loudly and requested our full attention till the irritable noise disappeared. Without fail, we would comfort him and explained to him what is that loud noise? Despite our assurance that the loud noise will not caused any harm to him, he would continue to cry in our arms till the loud thunder noise disappeared.

The RSAF open house 2011 was held on 28 May 2011 to 29 May 2011. We took this opportunity to let our boys encountered an up close and personal experience with the air crafts at Paya Lebar Air Base.

We reached there around 4.00pm on 29 May and luckily managed to catch the last aerial performance at 4.30pm. My kids were very happy and excited with all the display aircrafts and the aerial performance. They get to view the fighter jet setting off at the runway and flying over us at close distance, then helicopter real-life hovering performance and parachuting by the red lions. Well, its a pity that we couldn't have enough time to explore the whole event. We should be there in the morning rather than late afternoon.

Now, whenever we passed by Paya Lebar Air Base, my elder boy could recognise the air base and will start to share his experience at RSAF open house. Then he will pester me to bring him to visit the air base again. In which, I told him we will visit again next year when it is open to public!

Good news is, my 19 months younger boy no longer be afraid of the loud thunder noise caused by fighter jets whenever they flew across our house. He would point toward the sky and say "plane". We are really glad that he had overcome his fear and is really worth a visit to RSAF Open House!  We definately would visit again!  

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