Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why Play ALone? Spice up your time @

Being a full time mummy, most of the times we will be occupied by our little ones and busy dealing with household chores and cooking daily meals. After a day hard work (when my baby fall asleep), I will spend my times playing online gaming or surf net. It will help me to relax and release my whatever tireness that I have had for a day. Usually, I will log on to and start my gaming for at least 3 to 4 hours till late night. Well, there is also other games for you to choose. However, my favorite ones are Growords, Sushido and Wahjong. You will definately find challenge and enjoyment in your gaming. You can also creates your own wawa. Its really may want to have a try!

See my viwawa's doll ...isn't it cool???

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  1. hey sis.. I also have an account under viwawa.. next time when I'm free.. I will play a few games with u.. haha =)