Thursday, April 16, 2009

Singapore Zoo (新加坡动物园)

When I returned to S'pore for my CNY's (Chinese New Year) celebration, we took the opportunity to bring my little ones to visit Singapore Zoo. It been years since my last visit where I still remember Ah Meng, the famous Orang Utan was still alive (He died on 8 Feb 2008). I was quite impressed with "open zoo plan" where you don't see cage or high fencing blocking your view. It is really good for photography. Not to mention, Singapore is well known with its cleanliness upkeep, so is the zoo which is clean and well maintained. It is also easy to walk around but if you are tire of walking, you can also take the tram rides with some cost incurred.

My son was 15 months olds when he visited the zoo. He really enjoyed watching those animals close up. There's many things to see but we didn't get to see them all. My little ones was excited watching the polar bear swimming and playing freely in the pool just right at the glass front. We manage to catch the Elephant show at 3.30pm and had our photo taken with the orang utan up close. These Orang Utan happily enjoying their food (banana) given by the zoo trainer and one of them act mischieviously by snatching his partner's banana. The audience was well entertained by their amusing act. My little ones also enjoyed walking along the treetop trail watching the monkey roaming freely at the compound. It was really fun though we were really tired after a day walk!

White Tigers lazily roaming around

The baboons

Playful Polar bear

Strong muscular leg..Mr Cheetah!

Oh...Who want to Ass...The Rhinos....

Come play with me!

Its fun fun fun time!

Its show and work time!

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