Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sticker Photos (大头贴)

I still remember our 1st 大头贴 was taken at Heeren (Orchard) at year 2003. We were then not married yet. We have our ROM ceremony on 13 October 2003 but has yet to complete our chinese custom ceremony. We still stay in our own parent's house at that point of time.
Then, it became our habit to take Purikura (in japanese) or Da Tou Tie -大头贴 (in chinese) once every year. This one above was taken in year 2004 on my birthday. I still remember those "stressful and tough times" that we have had together.
This one above was taken on 13 Oct. 2005 - our 2nd anniversary (ROM). We were in progress planning for our Chinese Custom Wedding Ceremony. It was supposed to be held in year 2005 but due to some unforseen circumstances, we have to delay it to 18 March 2006.
This one above was taken on 13 Oct. 2007 with my big tummy protruding out. We were then celebrating our 4th anniversary and awaiting our 1st child arrival which will be due in Nov. 2007. However, we didn't manage to take any photo stickers on year 2008 as we then relocated to Dubai (You know, can't locate any photo stickers machine in Dubai...What a pity!).

This one above was taken in year 2009 on our 6th anniversary. This time with new member, my 1st boy - Zhe Xian. We took this picture at Heeren (Orchard).
Then, this year (13 Oct. 2010), we missed it again! We didn't manage to take any stricker photo as we were in rush to send our two kids to see chinese physician after our work (both were down with flu and cough). Then, we have our dinner at Jack Place (Marina Square) for our 7th anniversary and we took our photo in Jack Place's. This time, another new member, our 2nd boy - Zhi Xian (10 month old) has joined us.

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