Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Tai Tai's Life Ended

I have stopped blogging for long times. I realise , time flies and I am back to my real home for almost 16 months. My baby already 10 months old and my first boy will be 3 next month. Oh no, I really cannot bear to see both my kids grown up so fast! They are really fun and loving to be with. I would say, you will miss their baby moments. Baby times are the cutesiest and funniest moments to be with. Though it can be real tiring looking after them (no joke), you will still feel great enjoyment watching them developing and shower you with surprises at every stage of their growing process. So is a 'MUST' cherish moments!

My 'Tai Tai' life has vanished since my return to Singapore. I started my working life the moment I returned to Singapore. At that time, I was 4 months pregnant (with my 2nd one) and I really appreciate my ex-boss's willingness to accept me back. Hence, I do not need to go through the agony to look for new job, sending resume, attending job interview etc.

I would say, my reside in Dubai was a temporary training camp. It helps to funish my skills in looking after my kids as well as my cooking skills. Now, I am a full time working mummy. I have at least equips myself with those skills and has less hassle managing works, kids and family.

Everyday was a BUSY day for me as well as my hubby....from morning to night. Here are the lists of things I'll or my hubby will need to do daily:

In the morning
  1. We need to get myself ready for work;
  2. I prepare my kids - shower and change them, prepare milks for them;
  3. Sent them to Child Care Centre, then rushed to work
In the Night
  1. We need to rush home from work;
  2. I need to prepare dinner (My hubby helps me if he return home early from work);
  3. We fetch them from Child care centre (after I am done with my cooking);
  4. We spent times woth them (watch TV, play toys, go shopping or coffee time together);
  5. We prepare them to bed (My hubby showered the elder one and I settle the young one);
  6. Sometimes read story book or sing nursery rhythms for my elder one (upon his request);
  7. When they slept, I'll do my household chores, prepare cooking ingredients for my next day dinner, pack their stuff for school (with my hubby's help);
  8. Last but not least, we will surf net/gaming together till mid night for our own relaxtion and at times have supper together.

Whew! It so tiring but what to do! This is life right! Whenever I feel groomy, I will look at my two 'bao bei' pictures or video and it will brighten my mood.

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