Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day

My 1st Mother's Day Card from my son - Ling Zhexian at the age of 3.5. It is so heart warming and sweet of him that I really feel appreciated and proud to be a Mother

This year, we brought my mother-in-law to dine at Zhou's Kitchen (located at Square 2 #01-73, 10 sinaran Drive Singapore 307506) on Eve of Mother's Day. The restaurant looks squeezy and it gives me an impression of a Typical Hong Kong Style "Cha Chang Ting" (茶餐厅) with more stylish interior design.

We order a few selection of dish to share. The food they serve was indeed delicious. It is worth a visit!  

Zhou Kitchen's Menu

Braised Spinach Beancurd with Mushrooms and Vegetables

Crisp-fried Sliver Baits with Salted Pepper

Beijing Roast Duck 
(Serve with the pancakes and duck skin and the meat will be seperately served)

Beijing Roast Duck (Condiments)

Signature Dish
Steamed Crab with Glutinous Rice in Basket

Stir Fried Duck Meat with Bean Spout

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